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Specialist in Supplying Machines for Food and Confectionary Industry During Last 30 Years 

CONFECTIONARY - Viersen v. Germany
Complete Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Fondant Cooking Plants, Jelly Dissolving Plant with or without Center-filled Candy Processing and Forming Lines

Wrapping and Packaging Machines for hard and soft candies in double twist, single twist, sealed-double twist, cut & wrap, mini flow-pack

Rolling & Scoring Lines (for stickgum, tabgum and drageegum), Ballgum, Bubblegum Production and Forming Lines

Complete Candy Bar Production Kitchen and Forming Lines (nougat, caramel and cereal etc.)
MAKAT - Dierdorf / Germany

Complete Mogul Lines (jelly-starch depositing)


Complete Starchless Jelly Depositing Lines

Hard and Soft Candy Depositing Lines (double-color or center-filled)

VERTICAL PACKAGING - Weert / The Netherlands

Complete Dry Food and Frozen Food Vertical Packaging Machines (continuous and intermittent) for pillowbags, stand-up bags, 4-corner seal bags, doy-style bags with or without re-closable tape and/or zipper application, flexican bags

Automatic Case Packers

VERTICAL PACKING - Waiblingen / Germany

Vertical Packaging Machines for flat top & bottom bags (brick type) with or without vacuum application

Vertical Packaging Machines using 100% paper from the reel suitable for crystal sugar, flour etc.

Checkweigher - Electronic Weight Control Systems

Auger Feeding Systems

Gas Expelling Valves and Valves Applicators to the bags


Manual, Semi-automatic and Full Automatic Bag Sealing and Closing Machines

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